wondrous works of david w. pope

d a v i d  w.  p o p e


When you stop, in a single moment, to consider the horizon, that line appearing to form a boundary between the heavens and the earth, something will strike and affect you.  Or maybe it's when you pause to notice the silhouette of a bird on a wire, or a rust stain left behind by a missing bolt.  These visual acoustics are what I strive to emulate through layers of texture and color.  Just as we are influenced by our physical surroundings in nature, so are we touched by the visuals of art.


I find inspiration in many places, from architectural design that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor space, to the stillness of mountain vistas and distant horizons.  I take great appreciation in things often overlooked, the common, or even mundane.

I am drawn to weathered surfaces altered by the caustic effects of nature, and welcome the challenge of reflecting this through art.  I am captivated by how the elements, over time, alter things into an expression of life by decay and ruin, and how color and light have the capacity to alter our mood in a subtle and natural way.

As I approach the task of creating art, rather than allow myself to feel constrained by structure and traditional technique, I engage each piece with a free flow of emotion.  I create multiple layers to form subtle patterns for the eye to flow across and around.  I approach each piece with a hope to create a positive environment with natural elements as my foundation.  Each work derives energy from layers of texture and play against color.

With art, I hope to emulate nature, bringing familiar emotion to those who view it, similar emotions brought on by natural vistas and horizons.  From richly symbolic to simply aesthetic, from subtle to bold, from chaos to calm, I hope to build monuments to the mundane.